The name, Where did it come from?

We are often asked where the name Aeemelia came from. When the concept began to materialize as a company we decided it needed a name so we could stop calling it “it”. We began to brainstorm names that embodied bold, strong, adventurous women. Think of a high-flying, beauty who marches to her own drummer, leading a revolution and leaving her mark on history, yup that the name we can up with too. We decided to give it two extra e’s just for fun and here we are.


What if I have oily or dry skin? 

Aeemelia products work for all skin types, by using only a limited number of ingredients selected with the upmost care, your skin is able to balance its oil production resulting in natural hydration and time-enduring radiance. 


Where do the ingredients come from? 

We work with carefully selected suppliers and female owned co-operatives in Morocco and Zimbabwe. In selecting our suppliers, we searched for sustainable partners who care as much about our Mother Earth as we do.


How do I use the Everyday Face Oil? And how much should I use? 

Face oil works as a protective barrier for your skin. It keeps environmental pollutants and dirt/bacteria from getting into your pores. Oil should be the last step in your routine.  If you use toners, serums, lotions or sunscreen they go on first, then oil and last makeup if you use it. Our Everyday Face Oil works great as a stand alone product to simplify your morning and night, just a splash of water/toner, lightly dry and then apply a good amount of oil (probably more than you think). After just a couple of minutes it will absorb and you're good to go you beautiful thing you!